St. Joseph, the husband of Mary, whose feast is March 19 ---- the date of his death ---- is believed to have been disappointed after learning of Mary's pregnancy since the couple was living in separate homes until her dowry was decided.

A vision warning him of Herod's plan to kill the infant Jesus affirmed Joseph's role as a father and protector by fleeing to Egypt to spare the life of Jesus and Mary. As Jesus grew up, Joseph provided Jesus with an education and passed down his trade of carpentry and building.

Biblical experts depict Joseph as a just, kind and hard-working man and he is often pictured as an elderly man holding a flowering rod. Christian writers presume he died before the crucifixion of his son since he was not present.

St. Joseph is also considered the patron of a happy death, a provider of financial help, and the patron of families, laborers, sick, poor and rich. He is also the patron of travelers, virgins, youths, priests and the rescuer of sinners.

St Joseph Church in Girardville is dedicated to the memory of the Patron Saint of the Universal Church.


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